High-quality custom packing & crating

Custom packing & crating for safe and secure transit of individual pieces and whole collections.

We’ve designed and built crates for just about every type, size and quantity of art works possible. From simple poly-lined single crates right through to full museum spec’ multi-work shipping cases, we can tailor packing and crating combinations to the budget, size and individual needs of any shipment.

Crates are custom designed and built in-house by our own technicians specifically for your artwork. Regardless of how difficult to pack it may be, we have an excellent reputation for assessing, designing and building clever, robust crates for maximum protection.

Your shipment can be packed on-site by our team or at one of our warehouses in London or Horley. Packed solely by the Tuplin Fine Art team, we’ve got the in-house skills to build your crates quickly and precisely.

Packing & crating at a glance:

  • Custom crates quickly designed and built

  • Packing and crating on-site or at Tuplin HQ

  • Packed solely by Tuplin Fine Art

  • Crates conform with international treatment and forestry regulations

  • Soft packed using non-abrasive and non-corrosive materials

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Preparing your shipment

If extra protection is required, our teams soft pack your items before carefully loading them into their crates.

We do this using various high-quality materials specific to the item being packed, including Tyvek, tissue paper, polythene, blue edging, and a range of foams. We pick the best packing material for each individual item.


Added protection

For added protection, every crate is lined with Museum foam, Ethafoam, Plastizote or polystyrene giving your shipment protection against a range of potential hazards.

We know which foams to use, and when, providing solid protection regardless of how long the work spends in the crate, or where it is going

For works that cannot be soft-packed we can build travel frames to protect the surface. All of our T-frames are built in house and can be made to any specification.